Innovation, development and pharmaceutical quality

What makes us stand out?

Highest quality is paramount

Health and safety is our priority – we conduct studies and improve our knowledge to provide our customers with highest quality products.

What makes us stand out?

Safety and effectiveness

Quality is the concept at the core of our entire business, it defines Olimp Laboratories. We are aware that only absolute adherence to strict quality standards is able to ensure the full satisfaction of our customers and proper development of the whole enterprise.

How do we care for quality?

Pharmaceutical quality at Olimp Labs

As a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, we feel responsible for the health and well-being of our customers. Hence, the quality of Olimp Labs products is our priority. We put emphasis on the effectiveness and safety of used solutions to guarantee your full satisfaction and wellbeing.

01. The highest standards
02. Research center
03. Scientific activity
04. Modern facilities
05. Safety

The highest standards

Our production lines meet the highest pharmaceutical requirements for the production of drugs and medical products. We meet the standards of Polish law and commonly used global pharmaceutical industry standards. The high quality of our products is acknowledged with awards and certificates awarded to Olimp Labs by certifying institutions as well as the scientific and consumer communities.


Research center

The Olimp Labs Research and Development Center makes it possible to uphold the highest quality and safety standards during the production of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. In our state-of-the-art laboratories and research centers, we conduct innovative research and analyzes, including clinical and stability tests of pilot products.


Scientific activity

An important element of Olimp Labs’ work is scientific research focused on pharmacy, dietetics and physiology. Our qualified staff works in tandem with scientific and research units, sports associations and athletes, improving the formulations of products introduced to the market and providing advisory services to external entities both domestic and international.


Modern facilities

In order to implement innovative solutions and develop new opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, we constantly improve our technological facilities. Our laboratories located in the Research and Development Center are equipped with state-of-the-art research equipment and high-class technical equipment for production on a laboratory and semi-technical scale.



We are responsible for the health and wellbeing of our clients, therefore we focus on the importance of the quality of raw materials used. Thanks to our constant research and analyzes we can attest to the certified effectiveness of our products.

Here we create the future of Olimp Labs

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Safety and trust

Quality management system

We systematically conduct research and scientific analyzes in our laboratories in order to meet high consumer expectations and the most demanding safety standards.

We meet the highest standards

Certified quality

All Olimp Labs products meet the highest quality standards and requirements for the pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements market.