Social responsibility

Social initiatives and activities consistent with corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility

What does CSR mean to us?

For us, social responsibility is an investment in the future and a source of innovation. These are activities that bear long-term benefits. We manufacture products of the highest quality, we accept no compromises. The health, strength and vitality of our employees, local residents and all Poles are paramount to us. It is for them that we constantly develop and invest in innovation. All of our actions are driven by the thought that being responsible for our business is our primary duty.

We are here to help

Olimp Life Foundation

Our community involvement is carried out, among others, by the Olimp Life Foundation, which was established to support families who are struggling with illness, disability or, as a result of tragic events, have found themselves in a difficult life situation. The essence of the Foundation is charity and social assistance. See how we help and implement our support program as part of the Olimp Life Foundation.

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Employees are business ambassadors

Work Life Balance

Employees make the best ambassadors for Olimp Labs and they are behind the company’s success. Respect, understanding, openness and cooperation are important to us. Thanks to the Work Life Balance policy, we create a sustainable environment for employees, providing opportunities for development and optimal balance for family life. Olimp Labs is a valued, long term employer on the market. Exceptional care for relations between employees as well as a unique atmosphere and work culture predispose the company to the name of a socially responsible enterprise.

We support the local community

Olimp Labs supports locally

We consciously and actively support the local community, treating this range of activities as an integral part of our operation. We support non-governmental and educational organizations from the Podkarpacie region, developing the local communities potential. We work with the Association for the development of the village of Nagowniczna, the Association of Disabled People and the Association for Children from Nagączyny.

Selfless help

Health is paramount

Health and safety are key values ​​for Olimp Labs. Our active and selfless involvement in helping those most affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is proof of that. As the fight against the coronavirus was beginning we gave support to the ongoing efforts by donating over a million zlotys. We continue to organize various aid initiatives for the most need to this day.

Olimp Life Foundation

See how we help and put into action our social support program as part of the Olimp Life Foundation